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  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Boutonnieres and Corsages

    While flowers and weddings have always been inseparable, corsages are no less important when it comes to the floral aspects of a wedding. A beautifully assembled corsage can enhance and add a special touch to the wedding attire. Corsages are traditionally offered to the mother and grandmother of the bride and groom and can be extended even to other female members of the bridal party.

    What is a corsage?
    A corsage is a small and dainty floral accessory, worn by a woman of the wedding party. It consists of a small bunch of flowers or flower buds interspersed with herbs and decorative leaves. A typical wedding corsage is created either from a single flower or a tiny cluster of flowers and is mostly pinned to the left corner of the dress.
    Corsages are increasing in their popularity for one very simple reason – they allow the members of the wedding party a totally hands-free experience to fully enjoy the big day.

    History of corsages
    The corsage has its origins in ancient Greek beliefs where young women getting married used to wear flowers and herbs, believing their strong fragrance would ward off evil spirits. Today, corsages are worn for the big prom night, for elaborate ceremonies and functions, and of course, for weddings.

    wrist corsages

    Who wears a wedding corsage?
    A corsage is generally worn by the women in the wedding party, more noticeably the respective mothers of the bride and the groom. They can be extended to include grandmothers as well. Corsages serve a dual purpose – as style accessories and to help guests identify the immediate family members of the bride and groom.
    When it comes to corsages, the rule of thumb seems to be simple: match the corsage with the colour of the outfit.
    Women’s corsages can be coordinated to match the boutonnieres worn by the menfolk in the wedding party for those wishing to achieve a harmonious look.

    What flowers are the favorite choices for wedding corsages?
    Orchids dominate when it comes to wedding corsages, with lilies, carnations, and roses coming a close second. A wrist corsage made with a pink rose transforms a wrist into a truly dainty and fairy-like vision.
    Usually, the corsages worn by the mothers of the bride and groom are different from the ones worn by the rest of the wedding party. One of the most popular corsages for the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom is the magnolia.

    The traditional way to wear a wedding corsage
    Traditionally, the corsage has always been pinned onto the lapel of the dress or suit. Corsages made by professional florists are accompanied by a corsage pearl-headed pin. These days, even the traditional corsage pin has seen a makeover. Corsage magnets are now available as well, particularly suited for delicate dress materials which would be badly damaged by a pin.

    Modern ways to wear the corsage
    These days, certain flexibility dictates just where the corsage should, and can, be worn. More and more women seem to be breaking out of the traditional mould and now corsages can be seen adorning the wrist, handbag, hair, and even the waistband.
    A wrist corsage makes a great (and practical) alternative to lugging around a bouquet all the time, especially for the bridesmaid and other flower girls. It also makes her hand look incredibly pretty and dainty. A wrist corsage can be simple or elaborate, depending upon the taste and personality of the wearer. It usually consists of several small flowers which are held together with a floral wire, and then the whole corsage attached to a wrist band.
    However, whichever place you choose to wear your corsage, remember one golden rule – a corsage is always worn on the left side and never on the right.

    Making your own corsage – the handmade and inexpensive way
    Let’s admit it – weddings are expensive affairs, even without the flowers – and there are always a lot of flowers! So, as a smart wedding planner, you want to see if you can kill two birds with one stone. You can have classy corsages without breaking the bank! A corsage is not all that difficult as it looks and you can even personalize it making these pretty little accessories memorable souvenirs of your big day. Silk corsages are a rage and make lovely keepsakes, besides appearing always fresh!