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    A school ball is a fun night where teenagers can dress up and enjoy their final year of high school. The importance of the school ball means that there are many traditions associated with the night. One of these traditions is wearing a corsage.

    A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers, or even a single flower, the tradition of wearing a corsage goes back to ancient Greece when women wore flowers for protection from spirits and for good luck. Today, the corsage is worn more as a fashion statement than as a guard against evil. Presenting a corsage to your date is symbolic and in a way a tradition and there are some protocols to follow.

    How to present a corsage

    Once you have found the perfect corsage, it is important to present the corsage to your date correctly. The time to present the corsage to your date is when you first meet her for the evening. Show her the corsage and ask her if she would allow you to help her put it on her wrist.

    Putting on a wrist corsage

    Wrist corsages are simpler to put on than the pin-on variety but still require some knowledge. Usually, the corsage flower is worn on the left wrist since most people are right-handed. But this rule is not set in stone. It is best to ask your date which wrist she would like to wear the corsage. Once you know, slide the elastic band or one of our stylish keepsake bracelets around her hand and straighten the flower on top of her wrist.

    Pinning on a corsage

    Pin-on corsages are traditionally used for weddings and mother of the bride and special events to recognize an important woman in your life. If you decide that your school ball date would prefer a pin-on corsage.

    Take the corsage pin in your right hand and place the corsage against your date’s dress, just below the collarbone, using your left hand. With your left hand, lift a small amount of cloth away from your date’s skin and run the pin from behind the dress out and through the thickest part of the stem. Then thread the pin back towards the dress, being careful not to catch her with the pin. Finally, push the pin back out through the ball dress. Make sure the corsage is straight and secure.

    Congratulations. You are now ready for a memorable night at your school ball. For help with choosing the perfect corsage, Visit