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  • The Elegant Beauty of a Wrist Corsage

    There is something elegant about a wrist corsage. For events such as weddings, dances, school balls, or graduations wrist corsages add a touch of beauty to any woman’s gown.

    The arrangements of keepsake flowers, rhinestone sprays, and ribbon are custom-made in any style and colour you can imagine. These gorgeous wrist corsages will add dazzle to any outfit and you will sparkle at any special event.

    Wrist corsages are more popular than ever these days, and even brides are opting to wear them as opposed to carrying a bouquet. It gives the bride one less thing to carry and these corsages are enchanting to look at.

    Wrist corsages are the answer to finishing off your outfit and we can provide all of your corsage needs. Many people don’t like pinned corsages that pin to their clothes, and they don’t want holes poked in their gown by the corsage pin. In these situations, wrist corsages are the perfect alternative. The flowers on a corsage are attached by clips to a band that is worn as a bracelet around the wrist. If you want to save money you can always follow these easy steps to make your own corsage.

    • Get some flowers and divide them into 2 groups. Tea roses and carnations make beautiful corsages, but many flowers will do just fine.
    • Lay the two different groups so that the stems meet in the middle. You will have your flower heads on the right and on the left. It is important that they be laying opposite of each other.
    • Wrap the stems together with floral tape.
    • At each opposite end place a sprig of filler flower and with more floral tape secure the filler flowers to the corsage.
    • Take your bow and floral pick and wrap the wire from the pick around your bow. Leave the pick like it’s a stem for the bow.
    • Now attach the wooden pick to the tape and wrap it around all of the stems so that they are all covered.

    This is a fun way to add your own personal flair and style to your corsages. These gorgeous adornments are in style now and they add a special touch to any occasion. They are especially lovely in the spring and summer months. Making your own gives you the chance to save money and it will help you to show off your artistic ability as well.